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Gluten Free Cocktail: How to make a Peach Ginger Fizz

Ingredients For Cocktail                         

4 fresh peaches, peeled and chopped

1 cup homemade simple syrup

1 cup Reed’s Jamaican ginger beer

1 cup of Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka

2 cups ice

sprigs of lavender or mint to garnish

Ingredients for Simple Syrup

1 cup sugar

1 cup boiling water

This Gluten free cocktail serves 4-6 lucky guests. This recipe is designed to suit the needs of fellow Celiac and Gluten intolerant people, but can be enjoyed by anyone.

You will also need a blender, and some martini glasses.

This recipe is a delicious summery treat that will be sure to turn even the most skeptical of cocktail drinkers into cocktail glass clutching fiends, saying such things like, “I don’t normally drink umm peach colored cocktails out of a martini glass – but this is something I could really get used to – I’m ready for some more..”

No time to waste, I know you want that cocktail – so let’s get started.

First you will need to make a batch of simple syrup. This is a must have and a staple for most bars and home bars. Just boil one cup of water and dissolve one cup of sugar into the hot water. Mix until sugar is fully dissolved. You can store the simple syrup in a cool bottle if you’d like.  Now that you’ve got you’re simple syrup all made up, we are ready to start the recipe.

First, peel and chop your peaches. 

Add the peaches to your blender. Add the simple syrup. Blend the peaches and simple syrup for about 30 seconds. Now you have peach puree. Turn off your blender.

Next, add 1 cup of Ginger Beer, 1 cup of Potato Vodka and 2 cups of ice to your blender. Blend all ingredients for about 30 seconds.

Click here to see a youtube video of me making the cocktail.

You’re almost done. Just pour the cocktails into your martini glasses.

For a unique twist, garnish with a sprig of lavender or mint.






Beware- serving this cocktail may oncrease the likely hood of those who imbibe to show signs of giddiness, an overall carefree nature, or what I witnessed – my 74 year old dad well.. just take a look-

senior citizen romance

senior citizen romance

FYI they are not PDA people at all- it must have been something about the peach ginger fizz combined with the late afternoon sun that put everyone that drank it into that much desired state of summertime bliss.

Additional notes:

-There are other vodka brands that are gluten free.  Look for potato or apple derived vodka.

-Top your cocktail with a splash of the ginger beer to add more fizz.

-Thanks to my sister, Ann MacMullan for taking the photos and video.  You can view her blog and beautiful photography at


4 thoughts on “project #3

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  2. These sound AWESOME. I make peach smoothies all the time. I think it’s time to accidentally-on-purpose slip in some vodka!

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